Tuesday, 19 March 2013


HI everyone, hope you had a great week end. As you can see, I have been making flowers and kind of got addicted and couldn't stop!
But if you know my layouts you will know that I cannot scrap without them, the more the merrier.
So here is how I made these pretty little spiral flowers.

This is what you will need, plus a quilling tool or tooth pick, I forgot to put mine in the photo.

 Step 1
Using scalloped scissors cut out as many circles as you would like flowers, in varying sizes.
I used Mulberry paper to make mine.

 Step 2
Cut out a spiral from the circle.

Use your quilling tool or tooth pick and start at the end and start twirling.

Your flower should look like this.

Step 4
Take your hot glue gun and add glue to the base of your flower and stick down.

 Your flower should look like this.

 Hope you enjoy making these little lovelies. That's all for today, Bye For Now.