Tuesday 12 June 2012


My Pink stick pins

My Purple stick pins

My freestyle stickpins
Good morning everyone, I thought you might like to see the stickpins I made for a stick pin swap over at the Flying Unicorn.
They are very easy to make and quite addictive. Once I started making them I couldnt stop, so now I have a whole pin cushion full!
I will use them on my layouts and on cards that I make.
The supplies you need are-
1. A long hat pin, you can buy these in the wedding supply area of Hobby Craft.
   Two or three inches long is  best. (Mine had a small pearl at the head, but you can also get diamonte ones.
2. Glass pearls, glass beads, spacer beads and bead caps.
3. Glossy accents to glue them all together.

Heres how -
Take your stick pin and add a tiny drop of glue under the pearl head and thread on a small bead cap.
Add a drop of glue into the cap then thread on a large bead.
Add a drop of glue at the base of the bead and add another bead cap or spacer bead.
Add a drop of glue at the base of the spacer bead and thread on another bead.
Try to add a bead then a spacer bead so that the glass beads do not rub against each other.
Keep going like this until you are happy with the result and then add a tiny drop of glue at the base of the last bead. Leave to dry. I found that with using the glossy accents there is no way these will fall apart, I could not prize any beads off at all.
I made tags to display and mail them by using some Prima journaling cards, adding a few layers of sticky back foam, and decorating the front, then I stuck the pin into the foam, so there is  no chance of sticking yourself.

Have fun, and remember, this is highly addictive so proceed with caution!!
( I bought all my supplies on ebay).
Have a great day everyone. BFN


  1. ooooooo these are amazing Caroleanne...I can not wait to get mine from who ever got my name LOL

  2. Gorgeous , Caroleanne! Thanks for sharing!


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